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Janny Taylor

As a collagist, my process involves collecting and gathering a variety of materials such as photographs, text, found objects, and other ephemera. I am drawn to the historical and emotional weight that these materials carry, and I strive to create new narratives and meanings by combining and juxtaposing them in unexpected ways. I often work intuitively, allowing the materials to guide the composition and direction of the piece.

I see the process of making art as a combination of technical skill, personal vision, and a willingness to be open and responsive to the materials and the subconscious. My goal is to create work that is visually striking, emotionally resonant, and thought-provoking, inviting the viewer to engage with the piece on a deeper level and discover their own meanings.


I sit…listen...wait. And in the quiet, the stillness, I “hear.”  The imagination is captured.  An expressive impulse surfaces.  Creativity transpires.


Born into a nomadic childhood, my early years were a constant dance of relocation, each move dictated by my mother's insatiable quest for fresh color schemes and floor plans. Every three years, like clockwork, we moved. While I initially resisted this transient lifestyle, I’ve come to recognize these moves as an opportunity to reimagine our lives through the lens of a new floor plan and color palette.  Consequently, all my memories are meticulously color-coded and filed away by house number, a vivid tapestry of hues and spaces that have painted the canvas of my identity. 


Given this colorful beginning, it’s no wonder that I jumped at the chance to study art at Parsons School of Design followed by the Art Students League (NYC). I had a plan. But life had its own ideas.  


Instead of diving into a full-time art career, I ended up at the intersection of business and politics working for CBS Television and later at a boutique agency advising everyone from the mayor of New York City to the president of Kazakhstan to daily calls to The White House. The perks were plentiful and the experience undeniably fascinating, but I found myself yearning for something more profound—a space to authentically be myself.


Like many opportunities, mine emerged out of a crisis. I had been grappling with obesity for years and, in a moment of inspired desperation (I’d reached a new low), I transformed myself into the universe's first weight-loss artist: Our Lady of Weight Loss. My first book, “Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal,” went to auction; four publishing companies bidding on her, Penguin the winner. O, The Oprah Magazine called me "a kooky kind of genius" and the New York Times described my work as "earnest and humorous." In bookstores and auditoriums across the country, I talked to thousands of people about their weight loss journeys, illustrating ways in which people could channel their obsession with food into something creative, which led me to coaching. 


I studied widely--from New York University to the Milton H. Erickson Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NYC)--and merged my artistic sensibility with therapeutic practice. I designed and taught programs at America’s leading wellness centers and built a flourishing private practice, sharing insights and strategies for personal transformation and resilience. Still, I stayed rooted in art. In 2005, I co-founded the Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, a 2-day event, which showcased nearly 100 artists and attracted over 2,000 visitors who were ferried by shuttle bus from one venue to the next; from the south (110th Street) to the north (Washington Heights), from the east (East River) to the west (Hudson River). 


The next and current chapter of my life began here in Tucson in 2010, during a serendipitous visit to the Andrew Weil Wellness Conference. As lifelong New Yorkers, my husband and I had never been to Arizona, but we instantly forged an acute connection with the Sonoran Desert and, within a few weeks, we moved. Today, I am a full-time artist, weaving tapestries from the threads of my journey that reflect themes of transformation, discovery, and an unwavering commitment to creative authenticity.

Art Galleries to Museums:

Here, a list of the highlights, from art galleries to museums, where Janny Taylor's work has shown.


  • Lake County Discovery Museum, Illinois

  • Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, Coshocton, Ohio

  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York City , NY

  • National Catholic Museum – East Harlem, New York, NY

Curatorial Exhibits

  • Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, New York, NY

  • Crossing Eastern Parkway, Rongio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Gazpacho- Highland Cultural Center, Highland, NY

  • Faces/Phases, The Alternative Gallery Space, New York City, NY (Manhattan Borough Presidents Gallery)


  • The RoyGBiv Society, New York, NY

  • artHARLEM, H.O.A.S.T. (Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour)


Get in Touch

Steinfeld Warehouse Arts Center, 101 W 6 St., Tucson, AZ 85701


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